Blazin' White & In Distress-ed


Blazer, Cami & Jeans-all Zara

The two focal points of this post, as the title suggests, are my white blazer and my distressed boyfriend jeans, both purchased at Zara one more way back than the other. I don't know who can honestly deny loving white, especially in a blazer. Although it requires true commitment to wear white outerwear, meaning a trip to the dry cleaners after each use, even if the dry cleaners were in Timbuktu I'd still wear my white blazer without thinking twice. To balance out my blazer, regardless of its fit, I opted for jeans to make the look more casual, my favorite pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, to be more specific. If you are able to find a pair of distressed denim just torn enough and to the right degree, you are one of the lucky ones. In my case, I had to wear mine a several times, bend my knees, stretch, etc. a couple times before they evolved into exactly what I wanted them to be, which is what you see. Nowadays, the more torn the better. Who would have thought right?? I hope you guys have a blazin' hot weekend, by that I mean fun, don't go combusting from heat! What's your fav Spring/Summer trend right now? I'll be sharing more of mine soon.

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