My Take On A Gladiator

Sandals-Zara turned Alexander Wang Inspired DIY Gladiators
Bag-Chanel(borrowed) :)

I had been in constant search of the perfect pair of gladiator sandals when I stumbled upon Stuart Weitzman's versions. I contemplated long and hard and then some when I stumbled upon this blog post here and the light bulbs all went off. I got to thinking, why not make my own as well?! I already had the basic black sandals I had bought a while back from Zara. To me, this was A SIGN! I have never attempted a DIY before until now and despite the fact it took me about two weeks to complete, for reasons I am not ready to disclose (procrastination), I would definitely try my hand at another DIY project. Hope you lovlies are having an amazing week and let me know what you think of my entire DIY look. No it's not a romper, it's a tank and shorts, incase you missed that...

Stay Tuned,

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