Perfection, In A Shoe Of Course

Jeans & Blouse-Zara
Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel
Booties & Sunglasses-Celine
I had contemplated and searched for and even purchased another pair of ankle booties, which at the moment I had thought was the perfect pair. Don't get me wrong I do still love them and find them very functional. However, It was until I came across these Celine metallic heeled ones that I truly
understood the meaning of perfection, in a shoe of course. I had been eyeing some Prada metallic heeled sandals and was over the moon thrilled that I never settled for those. I did, though, contemplate buying them in tan but thanks to my trusty friend and sister, you guys know who you are, I decided on black. You can never have enough black they said. If you put it that way, I have to agree. With Miami weather quickly approaching the highs, these peep toe version of an ankle boots are perfect. Believe it or not, just that little exposure for insulation can make all the difference. I am not one to compromise comfort for fashion, so trust me when I say they are super comfortable as well. They aren't, however, current, but if you wear what you like versus what's trending, I believe that shows true style. Hope you guys have an amazing and safe weekend, and let me know what you all think of committing to an all-white ensemble... :)
Stay Tuned,