A Girl In Search Of...A Signature

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So I decided as a challenge to myself not to change my blog but to adjust it to give you all a better sense of who I am, not just what I like to wear but where I like to go, things I like to do and journey with me as I search for whatever it is I'm searching for.

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One's always in search of a signature. Whether it be signature style, signature lip color, nail color, perfume, drink and the list is endless. Whatever gives one a sense of identity and individuality becomes their signature. Well, to get to the point. I think I may have found my signature cocktail Saturday night. Red Ginger! 

I decided to make the effort and head out to meet my friends, which was a long overdue reunion, at Radio Bar South Beach. I had never even heard of the place before but I trust their recommendation so I punched it in google maps and set out. It was merely easy to find unlike parking, which took me little under eternity after relentlessly stalking everyone who even remotely seemed like they were headed toward a car. My bladder was on the verge of combusting and as I was seriously on the verge of going back home, well the nearest restroom first. Well, that I'm writing this post you must already know that I did make it inside. I was directed to enter through the back entrance which seemed a little shady, but once I got in and heard the music, all aforementioned had been forgotten. That is, after I went to the restroom. I found my friends and went straight to the bar to order a drink, my one and only for the night, yes I am very responsible! I proceeded to order a drink, that which my friends were having, but the bartender immediately protested and offered to make me a real 'cocktail.' Of course, I didn't refuse. Now I cant even begin to tell you what is inside except for the mint leaves, which is a good thing because if you're curious now and in the Miami area, you will be patiently looking for parking, strutting through the backdoor and steering to the bar to order one. I can tell you though that I did not feel like I was drinking alcohol. One word that gives it justice, Delish! Unfortunately, I cannot tell you about the rest of the drinks menu, but I will be going back, when I'm not the designated driver, to have my signature, try out another, and enjoy the wide range of music the DJ spins. Maybe I'll see you there soon;) 

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