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Funny story: I dreamt someone knocked at the door, asked for me, and handed over a box. I then woke up and found out it wasn't a dream but rather I was half asleep when it all went down so what I dreamt was actually what I heard. I already knew what was in the box but didn't expect it to reach as early as it did. That I won't complain about!! I always wanted an Alexander McQueen scarf but whenever the opportunity came up to buy it I always chose something else over it. My sister convinced me this time to get it. Once my mind was set, I had to decide on color which was another dilemma all on its own. Nevertheless, I chose ivory-black...perfect. Can't wait to add other colors to my collection;) Now I feel like I have a little piece of his legacy. To see how I first wore it...

Stay Tuned,

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