A Must Have

Top-Love Culture
Distressed Denim-BCBG
Jellies Shoes-Gucci
Scarf-Alexander McQueen

Of course I could not wait to wear my scarf! I feel my first was the perfect color, thanks to the advice of friends. It's the perfect accessory to any simple outfit; take the simple jeans with a plain white top I chose. Scarves can be heavy and unnecessary for warmer climates but the silk chiffon of a McQueen is perfect for where I live. I think everyone should own one, it just adds an element of chic, whether its draped around your neck, tied around your head, or simply unto your bag. Rest assured you'll be seeing it a lot on the blog;) Thanks for stopping by and feel free to follow and share!!

Stay Tuned,

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  1. Jealous of your scarf! Great outfit.

    I'm following your blog, check out mine? xx