My Ode to 2013

2013 was a great year no doubt, filled with its ups and downs in every aspect if may say so. It was memorable, though, even if some memories weren’t so pleasant. Here I bring you instead of my usual outfit posts, a taste of my thoughts and some of my most memorable 2013 moments, although not all personal.

It was the year of barely there’s. There were barely there heels like Saint Laurent’s Classic Jane Ankle Strap Sandal to which Zara made many similar versions, one of which of course I scored. On the subject of Saint Laurent, barely there names with them dropping Yves... which brought about trendy sweaters and shirts “Ain’t Laurent without Yves." There was barely there attire like the butt-bearing cut-offs. Talk about not so pleasant, leave something for the imagination! Barely there tops such as the infamous cropped top everyone, especially Zina of Fashionvibe, donned everywhere literally every season was a fav of mine. Then there was the barely there hair like Miley’s shorter more blonde do. While on the topic, Miley became a household name with her off and onstage shenanigans, which brought about the rise of ‘twerk’ which was heard and seen worldwide, never mind it was a thing of long ago. Another word to make the dictionary, ‘selfie’ which came along with the instagram takeover; move over Facebook. Although they're like brothers...or sisters, one is allowed to be better right?

On the subject of fashion, that is what the blog is about. I had to love the high-low collabs of 2013, such as target with Neiman Marcus and 3.1 Phillip Lim, of which obviously I had to take advantage. Then there was the highly anticipated Isabel Marant pour H&M which was gone before it even launched but thanks gosh for oversized kids sweaters which was all I was left with. You have yet to see it since Miami’s been stuck on summer.
In other collabos, the best music collaborations, in my subtle opinion, happened this year, no other than with Sean “Jay-Z” Carter. When an all time teen favourite gave us the 20/20 experience and joined forces with one of Rap’s greatest to heat up the summer with their Legends of Summer Tour, I was there. Then there was Pound Cake, and no i don’t mean that which you eat.
I mean that with Jay-Z and Drake which topped my list for fav 2013 collaboration.

Back on the topic of fashion, simplistic chic was a huge trend this year and one who wore it best was Kim Kardashian of course after her Kimye makeover and post North West. From the shorter blonde hair to the lace, all white, minimalistic, Givenchy riddled wardrobe, barely there heels, cropped tops and nude tones, she did well.
2013 was filled with much more, not much more I want to put emphasis on right now, after all it is my blog and the idea is entertainment not sentiment, that's why there's the news. But, here's hoping that 2014 will be 2013 X 2 for all of you.

Remember its not about being a new you but a better you, “twerking”, not in that sense , your old “selfie” into a better one. Get rid of the facades, go “barely there,” try new collabos with people, with fashion and make 2014 your own 20/20 experience!
Cheers to another amaze year!

Stay Tuned,

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