Is It Cold Outside?

Denim Shirt-Forever21
Boyfriend Jeans-The Gap

"Is it cold outside?' Guy from Grocery store
"Nope" Me
"So...why are you wearing that?" Guy from Grocery store (staring at my attire)
"Cuz I like the way it looks" Me

So went the brief conversation between the guy from the grocery store deli and me. I woke up feeling inspired to wear this combination and so nothing was gonna stop me from wearing it, not even a little 70 degrees heat. Inspiration was brought from a post I recently read on Stylecaster and NY and the current Fashion week thats happening right now. Just because you're not there doesn't mean you can't draw a little inspiration from it all;) Hope you guys had a safe and fab weekend!

Stay Tuned,

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  1. You should have told him to mind his own business hehe. Love your sweater.