Sky's The Limit

Sweater-Urban Outfitters
Leopard Denim-Fade to Blue (@ Neiman's)

As one of my all time favs, Notorious BIG, there was no passing up this sweater once I knew it was out there! Drove miles to scoop up the last one in store...talk about luck ;) Also scored these awesome booties the same day at Zara and they have quickly climbed to the top of my fav list. With that said I had to pair with my fav jeans today to just complete the look. Sky's the limit, also an all time fav song of the rapper, was also my high school yearbook quote. Always remember that whatever you want you can have if, like my sister puts it, you are willing to work for it. Sky is your limit! Hope you liked the post;)

Stay Tuned,

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  1. great look =) love how it looks with the leopard print pants.