My Fall Wishlist!

I've been wanting to this for a while, but if I were to post every time I wanted things I'd be posting every other day! Basically the following are the main things I want, and the rest of my wardrobe can revolve around them. Miami doesn't really have winter so I kept it practical.

1. J Brand Slim Denim Jacket w/ coated collar and sleeves. Given where I live, a denim jacket can take me through fall and "winter". And why not a denim jacket w/ a little edge?!
2. A comic inspired tee or jumper. I actually already scooped this up at a local LF store! Stay tuned for it on the blog soon;)
3. Mirrored lens shades. I've tried several versions and sizes but I'm leaning toward this TopShop aviator version pictured here.
4. Alexander McQueen Scarf. I've always loved all things skulls. Lately I'm seeing it everywhere which can make it a little overbearing but an AMQ scarf is forever! Now I have to decide on which color to choose.
5. Black Ankle Booties. I have no reason except that everyone neeeds a pair. Leaning toward the Zara pair pictured with the silver metal buckles.
6. Studded Sneakers. The ones pictured are actually men's Loubs but I'm really feeling the style. Maybe i'll finally do a DIY with a pair of Chucks and stud them out.

What are you guys wishing for this Fall??

Stay Tuned,

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